Candice is 29 year old wife, mother, and homemaker.  She loves the Lord Jesus with all her heart and thanks Him daily for her numerous blessings.  She has been married to her husband, Joel, since 2005.  Together, they have one daughter, Piper.

She is a self proclaimed "food" and loves to cook and collect cook books.  Crafting, Pinterest, church fellowship, and nights out with friends and family are also some of her favorites.  Her passion and goal is to share and teach other woman the many lessons she has learned being a wife, mother, and child of God.


Joel (aka The Husband)

He is my best friend for life.  He works so hard each and every day to provide for our family.  Not to mention, he is quite easy on the eyes.  His quick sense of humor keeps our family laughing all the time.  We have been together since our first date in 2002.  He is also a great dad to our little Princess.

Piper (aka The Pie)

Is she not the cutest thing you have ever seen?  We are quite partial to her.  After all, she is our first child.  We enjoy spending the day together, watching kid movies, singing silly songs, and learning Bible stories.  She has blessed us with being a very happy, smiley, and up beat child.  She is our pride and joy.